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10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Feel Totally Planned

Is there anything more panic-inducing than coming up with last-minute gift ideas? The coworker you forgot, the friend whose birthday always creeps up on you, the sudden realization that the matching turtlenecks you got for the whole family were a terrible idea—it can happen to anyone.

But here's the thing—we think there's no reason that last-minute gifts can't also be totally awesome and thoughtful. Whether you're on the hunt for last-minute birthday gifts, holiday gifts, or fun experience gifts, with our list, you can click and go in just seconds. And no one will ever guess you waited until the last possible minute to find a gift (we promise).



This has gotta be the coolest gift on our list. (Sorry, we couldn't resist!) But this space-age treatment is great for aching athletes, chronic-headache sufferers, and anyone curious to see if the session can help with weight loss.


Terrarium-making class

Forget pottery-painting or paint-your-own canvas nights—the newest trend in art classes lets you get down and dirty by showing you how to make your own self-contained miniature garden. Plus, since the terrariums are designed to thrive with very little human aid, they're a perfect introduction to indoor plant-keeping for those with black thumbs.

brewery tour



Gifting someone a six-pack from the convenience store might feel cheap, but booking them a tour of a local brewery feels downright special. They'll get an up-close look at the brewing process and will even have time to sample some suds before leaving.



We have a pretty hard time imagining anyone who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a massage as a gift. Swedish massage is probably the most gift-able of all the massage modalities, since it is gentle enough for massage newbies and focuses on general relaxation, rather than injury recovery.



We all know someone who has scuba diving on their bucket list, so why not be the friend that helps them dip their toe in the water, both literally and figuratively?


Steakhouse Meal

Vegetarian or vegan friends aside, it's difficult to think of anyone turning their nose up at a steak dinner (and all those sides!). If possible, book a table in advance and encourage everyone to dress up to make the night feel extra special.

people enjoying wine delivery


Wine Delivery

Everyone appreciates receiving a nice bottle of wine as a gift, so just imagine how excited they're going to be when you gift them an entire case of the stuff? Snag one of our great wine delivery deals for them and they'll even get to pick out their favorite varietals and discover a few new favorites as well.



Archery club? Pssssh, that's so 2016. Axe-throwing is the newest pasttime to stoke our warrior spirit, and classes and league nights are popping up in nearly every major city. Your giftee will love being on the cutting edge of such an intense trend. And if they don't, well... at least they have a healthy outlet for working out their resentment?


Escape Room

If you're looking for last-minute gifts for a group, consider booking an escape game for the whole bunch. They'll be so busy trying to solve puzzles and crack codes, they'll completely forget you almost forgot to buy them something.



Who doesn't know someone who would give anything for an hour during which their worries float away? You can be the one to give it to them with a float-tank session, where they'll blissfully relax as the weight of the world almost literally disappears (thanks to all the epsom salts in the water, that is). Wondering what it's like? Read our first-person float-tank account.

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