Five Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas for Five Types of Moms

BY: Shannon Grilli |Apr 15, 2016

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Spring has sprung. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and all around America, hoards of forgetful grown children are rushing to find a last minute Mother’s Day gift that doesn’t seem… well… last minute. They can hardly be blamed: few gifts seem good enough for the woman who gave you life (especially if she’s the type that reminds you of it often).

Luckily, it’s a universally accepted truth that all mothers love brunch. But exactly what kind of brunch is right for your mom? Use our handy guide to determine if you should spring for fancy French fare or just steer mom toward the bottomless bloody-mary bar.

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Tiger Mom

Brunch She’ll Love: Prix-Fixe Brunch

Why She’ll Love It: Your mom is all about tough love and discipline, so she’ll appreciate the attention to detail put into every course of this fancy brunch. A meal with no menu also means she’ll have to give up a certain level of control, giving her a chance to loosen up and unwind—preferably over a cocktail (or three).

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Super Mom

Brunch She’ll Love: Brunch Buffet

Why She’ll Love It: Your mom does everything for everyone, so doesn’t she deserve to get a little bit of everything too? If she’s the type that prefers a sit-down meal, take her to her favorite breakfast spot, but emphasize that she can get crepes and pancakes. She deserves it.  

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Brunch She’ll Love: Girls’ Brunch

Why She’ll Love It: You and your mom have always done everything together: shopping, college planning, prank-calling the mayor, etc. So she’s probably feeling a little lonely now that you’re grown up and living on your own. Encourage her to reconnect with her BFFs by organizing a girls’ brunch for her closest friends, then meet up with mom afterward for a movie or other fun outing.

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Cool Mom

Brunch She’ll Love: Bottomless Mimosa Brunch

Why She’ll Love It: Your mom’s always been the hard-partying type. And AARP membership or no, that’s never going to change. Chances are she’ll welcome a little hair of the dog (it is Sunday morning after all), so keep the OJ and champs coming. As for the food, anything greasy and tasty should soak up Saturday night’s festivities just fine.

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The Mom Who Wishes You Called More

Brunch She’ll Love: Brunch in Bed

Why She’ll Love it: Your mom might not literally wait next to the phone in the hopes that you’ll call, but that fact that she picks up after the first ring proves she’s pretty happy when you do. Wait on her for a change by fixing her breakfast in bed, and then pull up a chair so you can enjoy a face-to-face chat over coffee. It’s like FaceTime, but with scones.

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