5 Phone Accessories for 5 Kinds of Athletes

BY: Groupon Editors |Aug 16, 2017

Whether they're playing pump-up music, mapping a jogging route, or even tracking reps, cell phones have become our workout buddies. But they can also be cumbersome—no one wants to hold onto a small, slippery rectangle during a run. These five phone accessories keep your device safely secured and accessible and your hands free while you exercise.

For the No-Nonsense Trainer

Gear Beast Premium Plus Smartphone Running Armband | from $8.99

It's lightweight, it's thin, and it's out of the way. This no-nonsense workout armband keeps your phone stable and protected while you focus on what you should be focusing on: getting in a solid workout. And if you happen to have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you'll still be able to access its solid-state home button and fingerprint ID while it's in the band.

For the Athlete Who Brings Their Essentials with Them

Gear Beast Gear Wallet Armband with Extra-Large Pocket | from $7.99

If you're sick of stringing your keys through your shoelaces when you go running or you don't have a safe place to stash credit cards during workouts, this armband is a good fit. Along with a pocket for your phone, its sturdy frame features four card slots, ample space for keys and cash, and it's even outfitted with a loop to keep your headphone cords tidy when you're not using them.

For the Nocturnal Runner

Mobile-Device Running Belt | $6.99

Depending on where you're taking your evening jaunt, making sure you're seen by drivers, cyclists, and other runners can be important. Thanks to its reflective zipper, this lightweight running belt does the job while also keeping your phone snug and accessible at your waist.

For the All-Terrain Athlete

Spydergrip Universal-Fit Pack 2.0 | from $24.99

If a typical Saturday sees you going from an outdoor boot-camp class to a cool-down jog in a park to meeting up with friends at the beach, simple gym accessories like armbands might not cut it. This streamlined version of a backpack not only stows your phone, keys, and wallet, but its anti-chafe material all but eliminates arm irritation, and its water-resistant design keeps your essentials safe from splashes.

For the True Minimalist

Marika High-Rise Tummy-Control Pocket Capri Leggings | from $19.99

Don't like the idea of wearing any phone accessories at all while you exercise? Go the old-fashioned way: pockets. These tummy-control leggings keep your phone stashed at your side, and their compression fit prevents your device from jumbling while you move.