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    oh snap, we're out of {:Retail=>"Retail", :Services=>"Services", :"All Restaurants"=>"All Restaurants", :"Health & Beauty"=>"Health & Beauty", :"Fast Food"=>"Fast Food", :"Sports & Fitness"=>"Sports & Fitness", :"Things to Do"=>"Things to Do", :Accessories=>"Accessories", :Clothing=>"Retail Apparel / Clothing", :"Books, Music & Electronics"=>"Books, Music & Electronics", :"Specialty Stores"=>"Specialty Stores", :"Home Goods"=>"Home Goods", :"Sporting Goods"=>"Sporting Goods", :"Specialty Food & Drink"=>"Specialty Food & Drink", :"Photography & Video"=>"Photography & Video", :"Craft Supplies"=>"Craft Supplies", :Seasonal=>"Seasonal", :Auto=>"Auto", :"Classes & Education"=>"Classes & Education", :Rentals=>"Rentals", :Food=>"Food", :"Gift Delivery Service"=>"Gift Delivery Service", :Transportation=>"Transportation", :"Magazine Subscriptions"=>"Magazine Subscriptions", :"Personal & Lifestyle"=>"Personal & Lifestyle", :Professional=>"Professional", :"Indoor Home Care & Repair"=>"Indoor Home Care & Repair", :"Outdoor Home Care & Repair"=>"Outdoor Home Care & Repair", :"African/Middle Eastern"=>"African/Middle Eastern", :Asian=>"Asian", :"Latin American"=>"Latin American", :European=>"European", :American=>"American", :"Hair Salons"=>"Hair Salons", :"Nail Salon"=>"Nail Salon", :"Tanning Salons"=>"Tanning Salons", :Dentistry=>"Dentistry", :"Med Spas"=>"Med Spas", :"Holistic Wellness"=>"Holistic Wellness", :Vision=>"Vision", :Spas=>"Spas", :"Weight Loss"=>"Weight Loss", :"Desserts & Sweets"=>"Desserts & Sweets", :"Snacks & Beverages"=>"Snacks & Beverages", :"Quick Service"=>"Quick Service", :"Yoga Classes"=>"Yoga Classes", :Gyms=>"Gyms", :"Adventure Sports"=>"Adventure Sports", :"Pilates Classes"=>"Pilates Classes", :"Race Entry"=>"Race Entry", :"Water Sports"=>"Water Sports", :"Snow Sports"=>"Snow Sports", :Golf=>"Golf", :Hotels=>"Hotels", :"B&B's"=>"B&B's", :Resorts=>"Resorts", :Cruises=>"Cruises", :"Vacation Rentals"=>"Vacation Rentals", :"Ranches & Camping"=>"Ranches & Camping", :"Performing Arts & Theaters"=>"Performing Arts & Theaters", :Events=>"Events", :Tours=>"Tours", :"City Attractions"=>"City Attractions", :"Art Classes"=>"Art Classes", :Boating=>"Boating", :"Beer, Wine & Spirits"=>"Beer, Wine & Spirits", :Nightlife=>"Nightlife", :Museums=>"Museums", :"Cooking Classes"=>"Cooking Classes", :"Flying Lessons"=>"Flying Lessons", :"Experiential Dining"=>"Experiential Dining", :"Specialty Sports & Racing"=>"Specialty Sports & Racing", :"Sporting Events"=>"Sporting Events", :Sushi=>"Sushi", :"Party Bus"=>"Party Bus", :"Grocery Store"=>"Grocery Store", :"Carpet Cleaning"=>"Carpet Cleaning", :Brunch=>"Brunch", :Burgers=>"Burgers", :"Oil Change"=>"Oil Change", :"Food & Drink"=>"Food & Drink", :"Dance Studio"=>"Dance Studio", :Haircut=>"Haircut", :"Manicure / Pedicure"=>"Manicure / Pedicure", :Pets=>"Pets", :"Beauty Products"=>"Beauty Products", :"Car Products"=>"Car Products", :Education=>"Services Education", :Electronics=>"Electronics Retail", :"Food & Beverage"=>"Food & Beverage Retail", :Furniture=>"Furniture Retail", :Facials=>"Facials", :Massages=>"Massages"} deals

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