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Pure Elegance 100% Turkish Cotton Towel Set (6-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
December 24, 2018
Pure Elegance 100% Turkish Cotton 6 Piece Luxury Towel Set Cotton bright White color is Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this product for repeat purchase by consumers on Groupon. Towels are soft, absorbent and excellent quality. Thanks Groupon.

Timaru 100% Turkish Cotton Towel Set

Verified Purchaser
February 1, 2019
These towels are of good quality. They are absorbent and soft. I may buy more. I bought white so I can bleach them on occasion.

100% Turkish Cotton Zero Twist Oversized Bath Towel Set (4- or 6-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
September 8, 2019
These towels are so super soft and plush, they are my favorite towels! The colors are nice as well. They are so thick, plush, and soft that they put my other towels to shame.

Gracious 100% Turkish Cotton Zero-Twist Towel Set

Gina R
Verified Purchaser
March 24, 2019
I did not know the bath towels were so big,which is a plus. They are very soft and the price is amazing. I had purchased Turkish towels from Istanbul, Turkey previously and I cannot tell one from another.

100% Turkish Cotton Zero Twist Oversized Bath Towel Set (4- or 6-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
September 5, 2019
These have a nice feel to them, not as soft and plush as I was hoping but certainly still nice overall. They feel like they should be sturdy, which is good since I'm rough on my towels, and they're a really beautiful gray. Glad to have them around the house even if we might not make them our primary bath towels.