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Aspen Pet Lebistro Gravity Waterer

Verified Purchaser
June 2, 2014
It works great & keeps me from having to refill the water bowl every day. It is pretty heavy to turn upside down to put in the bottom dispenser when it is filled with water. But it works very well.

Aspen Pet Gravity Waterer (0.75 or 1.5 Gal.)

Verified Purchaser
April 30, 2019
I received the Aspen pet gravity waterer and it was great. I didn’t have to keep refining my dogs water as often. It’s going to be grate this summer. Now im looking for a larger one.

Aspen Pet Lebistro Gravity Waterer

Verified Purchaser
June 17, 2014
wish it had a larger water jug...... by the time the drinking dish portion fills up, the jug is more than half empty