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Power Scrubber Drill Cleaning Brush Set (3-Piece) (Drill Not Included)

Verified Purchaser
November 13, 2019
This is the greatest. Instead of an 30 mins time to clean my older stove top, it took 10. The also 10 and hands didn't hurt near as bad as before. I'll be getting more.

SwissTek Ultimate All Purpose Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit (3-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
November 23, 2019
It’s just been delivered today Saturday at 1:45pm. I am so happy for the product, very good for the job it was intended for. Will recommend over and over again!!!

MHF Home Fleece Eco-Friendly Door Draft Guards (1- or 2-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
November 20, 2019
It works really well, it fits the size of both of my doors. Word of advice for people with dogs, they may think it’s a toy. My 11 pound poodle mix loves dragging it around the house.

52L Home Security Electronic Digital Large Safe Box

Verified Purchaser
February 24, 2019
Just what I was looking for, the perfect size for my needs. Place a couple of two by's across my studs and bolted this to those so it's not going anywhere. Obviously it's not impregnable but by the time you broke in the police are going to be there. Priced right but two things I would like to change, the ability to mute the sound and change the keypad. This is the only thing that worries me because it looks like the keypads of old, kind of like a plastic bubble, i'm guessing after a period of time the bubble are going to pop, still then it will be time for a larger one. Great deal and purchase

Power Scrubber Drill Cleaning Brush Set (3-Piece) (Drill Not Included)

Verified Purchaser
October 14, 2019
Love it! I used it to clean my shower it took all the scum and now it looks new again! Now I want to try it on my car wheels....