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BareOrganics Energy and Stamina Blend Powder (8 Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
July 15, 2019
This product is very tasty and nutritious. I put a scoop of it into my liquid greens, and both were delicious. I started to feel energized within a few minutes of drinking the above, but don't know if the combination energized me, or if it was the "BareOrganics Energy and Stamina Blend. I intend to try the "BareOrganics" in water or almond milk and see if I get energized. I will also make it into a smoothie in a blender and mix it with the liquid greens, protein powder.

Bareorganics Marine Super Greens Blend Powder (8 Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
June 3, 2019
Although I can't really taste it in my morning mash-up drink, it has all of the ingredients I was looking for and it's organic. Pretty small amount for the cost however.

BareOrganics Raw Bee Pollen Powder (8 Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
October 28, 2018
Bare Organics bee pollen .very satisfied with this product I feel lots of energy and very youthful I guess it could be the Fountain of Youth it works for me

Ultra6 Nutrition Supplement Drops (1 or 2 Fl. Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
February 15, 2019
I was so happy to find this cause it was the only thing that helped me lose weight before.

BareOrganics Moringa Leaf Powder Vegan Organic Supplement (8 Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
August 4, 2018
Great!!! I mixed in my plant protein/banana/Tofu shake and DELICIOUS!!! Great energy!