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Streetwise Security Mini Barbarian Stun Gun Baton with Flashlight

Verified Purchaser
April 5, 2019
Works as advertised, though I have mever tested the effects of the stun. I am not willing to volunteer myself to the test.

Streetwise Security FRiPHONE 14,000,000 Volt Disguised Phone Stun Gun

Verified Purchaser
April 2, 2019
Works great! Everything about it in the description is true. Light and concealable. Bought it for my girlfriend. Tested it on me to make sure it works and it stung enough to make me flinch. The alarm is loud enough to startle others. Would highly recommend

Streetwise Security FRiPHONE 14,000,000 Volt Disguised Phone Stun Gun

Verified Purchaser
March 21, 2019
Get way to go incognito with a device to protect yourself needs a little more voltage to penetrate large double sweatshirts and heavy men’s jackets. Over all I feel safe with the device and recommend it for the purpose of the intended.

Streetwise Security Jolt Protector Knuckle Stun Gun

Verified Purchaser
January 16, 2019
Seems to work fine, no problems, havent used it yet, just tested.

Streetwise Security Sting Ring 18,000,000 Volt Knuckle Stun Gun

Verified Purchaser
September 25, 2018
I recieved it fairly quick and it is very compact and easy to to hold..i love the red pattern