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Hands-Free Running Dog Leash

Verified Purchaser
September 30, 2016
Just received it so have not been able to use yet, but it looks perfect...the look/feel of it was better than I expected. I like that the "leash" is elastic...thinking it will give just enough flexibility to allow for turns and what not, while also letting the dog know it is still there.

Pet 2-in-1 Travel Water Bottle & Bowl

Verified Purchaser
April 1, 2019
Hey this water bottle is perfect on the go! Love the special doggy design for them to drink out of and the suction back into the bottle of left over water when they are done drinking! Thank you for a great dog or cat water bowl! The straw does not leak from inside and neither does the bowl on the outside. I look forward to buying more for travels.

Hands-Free Running Dog Leash

Verified Purchaser
November 18, 2016
I love this!! I have more control of my strong dog with this

Pet Heavy Duty Harness

Verified Purchaser
December 16, 2018
Great product for my dog and the description was just like it was advertised. Great product for the money.

Pet Nail Clippers

Verified Purchaser
June 7, 2017
Best pet nail clippers for pets comfort & safety that I have used- great value.