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Bluestone Foam Knee Pillow Spacer Cushion

Verified Purchaser
April 23, 2019
I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first but after using it the first night , felt so comfortable I forgot I was using it , no more need for folding pillows etc

Bluestone Dual-Position Wedge Cushion with Terry Cloth Zippered Cover

Verified Purchaser
July 29, 2018
I haven't slept with a pillow for several years now because the incline somehow affects my hip and gives me considerable pain. After delivery of this dual position wedge, I am able to enjoy a comfortable, but firm, incline that doesn't affect my mobility. I am a petite lady who is medium sized and the curvature is great for me, but my hubby is a larger man found it too small for his frame.and not broad enough for his shoulders.

Half-Moon Memory Foam Back Pillow or Lumbar Bolster Cushion

Verified Purchaser
December 4, 2018
Helps my terrible lower back pain. Needs to be firmer because I completely flatten it when I lean back on it. I only weigh120 pounds. Also should be Ionger because it does not go across the whole width of my back. It does go back into shape when I take it from my back.

Bluestone Dual-Position Wedge Cushion with Terry Cloth Zippered Cover

Verified Purchaser
July 15, 2017
I love my wedge. It is perfect for me and just what I was looking for at an affordable price. Great for people that have neck and back problems. I use mine in my bed for support when I'm reading or watching tv. It's much more comfortable than the three pillows that I was using to prop myself up with. Worth the purchase!

Bluestone Wedge Pillow for Leg, Knee, Back, Hip, and Joint Pain

Verified Purchaser
May 3, 2019
I love this pillow! It works great and is so comfortable. Bigger than expected too