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Pre-Order: Granny's Giant Blueberry Bare Root (2-, 4-, 8-, or 16-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
April 11, 2019
Just got them planted and they are growing up. My husband said to plant them wild. So I put together the above ground planter I bought from you. And put them in an area surrounded by trees and other plants. I just cannot wait to see them grow!!

Pre-Order: One Bare Root of Red Burning Bush

Verified Purchaser
June 20, 2018
When the baby tree came there was no signs of life. The bag the roots were in was bone dry. I planted it in a pot and gave it lots of love and water and it came back to life pretty quickly. I thoroughly enjoy watching it grow! Very pretty!

Pre-Order: Arborvitae Green Giant Biodegradable Plants (5- or 10-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
February 5, 2019
I’ve never bought any trees or shrubs online and was wondering in what condition it will arrive. The box was in perfect condition- with a hole on each side to ventilate.... however, the shrubs are very small and three of the five are yellow and dead. They also look completely different from the pictures.

Pre-Order: Nikko Blue, Annabelle, or Pink Beauty Hydrangea Root Plant

Verified Purchaser
June 9, 2018
I wish I had opened the box as soon as it arrived. It looked dead by the time I opened it but I nursed it back- keeping it inside under a kitchen light. It's doing extremely well considering my mistake.

Pre-Order: Arborvitae Green Giant Biodegradable Plants (5- or 10-Pack)

Glenn P
Verified Purchaser
November 6, 2018
delivered as described and when promised, now I have to plant them somewhere (where)?