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AAXA HD Pico 1080p LED Projector (Mfr. Rf.)

Omar and Ashley
Verified Purchaser
June 21, 2018
Very capable! Would have been 5 stars had they included a mini HDMI adapter. I don't think anyone has used the included rca plugs since DVD was all the rage back in 1998. Would be nice to see the same 130 lumens output as the P2B, but I elected for the native 720p resolution despite the measly 50 lumens. Good enough at night or on a plane ride. Also, specs don't say it, but min throw is 10 inches which is perfect for Nintendo Switch Mario Kart multiplayer on the back of the airline seat in front of you.

RCA 1080p Full HD Home Theater LCD Projector (Mfr. Refurb.)

Verified Purchaser
July 12, 2018
Is an excellent little projector, used to make an outdoor movie theater on vacation and worked great. Bought a little sound bar because no projector has good built in speakers. The unit has exceeded my expectations.

RCA 1080p Full HD Home Theater LCD Projector (Mfr. Refurb.)

Verified Purchaser
June 29, 2018
great projector the kids love it for watching movies and playing video games outside