Good DealGuarantee

We work really hard to bring you the best Local Deals and Escapes, and we want you to feel confident and happy when purchasing with us, so we’ve introduced the Good Deal Guarantee.

So how does it work? We’ve made sure it’s really simple to understand - check it out below!

Quick & Easy Refunds

Local and Escapes Deals

For Local and Escapes Deals marked with the Good Deal Guarantee banner:

  • You can get a full refund on any unredeemed voucher within 5 days of purchase - no questions asked

  • After the first 5 days and up until the day your voucher expires, you can exchange the value you paid for an unredeemed voucher for Deal Bucks (credits that can be used to purchase from the LivingSocial site)

Happy Shopping!
The LivingSocial Team

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