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portable garden trolley

what you get

Portable Garden Trolley in Green/Black.

Product Details:

  • Sturdy portable trolley holds all your tools and allows you to put your green thumbs (and the rest of your hands) to work!
  • Accommodates short and long tools with a handle brace to keep large ones in place and a canvas tool organiser to easily find smaller items
  • Includes 2 buckets to carry plants, mulch, weeds, vegetables and more!
  • Plus a large removable bin for easy disposal of garden waste
  • Plus enjoy free shipping!

Shipping Information:

  • If you purchase before 2 September 2013, your order will arrive 2-3 weeks from 3 September 2013
  • If you purchase after 2 September 2013, your order will arrive 2-3 weeks from 10 September 2013
  • Australia-wide delivery only
  • Shipping address cannot be changed after placing order

Note: Tools Not Included

  • Material: Polypropylene and Steel
  • Dimensions: 103cm H x 54cm W
  • Capacity (round bucket): 18L
  • Capacity (square bucket): 10L
  • Colour: Green/Black

Package Includes:

1 x Trolley 1 x Tool Organiser 1 x Square Bucket 1 x Round Bucket

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Return Policy:

  • no exchange policy

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