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digital cordless skipping rope

what you get

Digital Cordless Skipping Rope in Black, Pink or Grey.

Product Details:

  • Burn fat the cheap, efficient and fun way with skipping!
  • Just 10 minutes of skipping offers many of the same benefits as a 45-minute run
  • 2-directional rotator action lets you skip forwards, backwards and criss-cross, and a screen displays your jump count, calories burned and more!
  • Plus, it’s rope-free with an LCD screen and foam grip
  • Plus enjoy free shipping!

Shipping Information:

  • If you purchase before 17 September 2013, your order will arrive 3-4 weeks from 18 September 2013
  • If you purchase after 17 September 2013, your order will arrive 3-4 weeks from 25 September 2013
  • Australia-wide delivery only
  • Shipping address cannot be changed after placing order


  • Materials: ABS with PVC Ropes
  • Virtual rope length: approx 300cm
  • Display: LCD
  • Stats: Records jump count, calories burnt and workout duration
  • Rotation: 2-directional
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Colour: Choice of Black, Pink or Grey

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  • no exchange policy

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