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3-pack of handbag organisers

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3-Pack of Handbag Organisers - Choose from 6 Colours with Mixed Packs Available.

Product Details:

  • If your handbag is a bottomless pit cluttered with makeup, lunch boxes, shoes and (probably) the kitchen sink, it's time to invest in our handbag organiser
  • With 13 pockets in varying sizes and a handy clip for your keys, you'll always know where everything is
  • And with the organiser snuggly in place, your favourite designer accessories will stay in designer shape
  • So you'll never need to feel like you own santa's sack or Mary Poppin's carpet bag again
  • Plus enjoy free shipping!

Shipping Information:

  • If you purchase before 2 October 2013, your order will arrive 3-4 weeks from 3 October 2013
  • If you purchase after 2 October 2013, your order will arrive 3-4 weeks from 10 October 2013
  • Australia-wide delivery only
  • Shipping address cannot be changed after placing order


  • Materials: Nylon, Polyester and Mesh
  • Dimensions: 30cm L x 18.5cm W x 8.5cm D

Colour Options:

  • 3 x Pink
  • 3 x Blue
  • 3 x Wine
  • 3 x Grey
  • 3 x Green
  • 3 x Orange
  • 1 x Pink, 1 x Wine and 1 x Blue
  • 1 x Green, 1 x Grey and 1 x Blue
  • 1 x Pink, 1 x Orange and 1 x Green
  • 1 x Pink, 1 x Green and 1 x Blue

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  • no exchange policy

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