Editing Your Shipping Address After Purchase

Whether it's possible to edit your shipping address post-purchase depends upon how long it's been since you completed the purchase. You can edit or cancel your order until it's been processed by the merchant who will be fulfilling shipment—usually you'll have at least two hours before this happens.

Before Processing

You still have time to edit your order. To do so:

  1. Head to My Vouchers.
  2. Select Edit Order next to your purchase.
  3. Select the correct address under Shipping Address.
  4. Select Update Order.

If you purchased multiple items in the same order, you'll have to change your shipping address individually for each item. If you don't see the address you want under Shipping Address, you may need to cancel your order and purchase the item again. You'll have the option to enter a new address at checkout.

Note: If you used Apple Pay, check out Using Apple Pay or Google Pay to learn more about editing your order.

After Processing

After your order has been processed for fulfillment, we're unable to edit or cancel it.

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