Personal Data Requests

LivingSocial takes its obligations to comply with personal data requests seriously. Using our Data Privacy Portal, you can:

  • Request a download of your personal data
  • Request deletion of your personal data

To use our data privacy portal, you must be signed in to your LivingSocial account. If you choose to delete your data, this will also permanently erase your account, including any Deal Bucks and unused vouchers.

Who Can Submit a Request

Individuals may request data that relates to themselves, or third parties may request on behalf of the individual.

How to Submit a Request

You can initiate a request through LivingSocial's Data Privacy Portal, where you can also find our full privacy policy.

  1. Head to the Data Privacy Portal.
  2. Select Data Request on the right side of the page.
  3. Select the option that matches your request.
  4. If you've requested data download, your download will occur right away. If you've requested data deletion, review the information on the next screen and, if you're ready, select Confirm Request.

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