Tracking Troubleshooting

Most deals are delivered within 3–6 business days, but delivery windows may vary. To confirm your delivery window, check the Fine Print section of the deal page where you originally made your purchase.

How to Find Your Tracking Information

  1. Visit My Vouchers via the web or mobile app.
  2. Find your order.
  3. Select Track Package.

Some orders ship without tracking information. When this happens, or if there is an issue with your tracking number, your item should still arrive within the listed delivery window.

Tip: See Tracking Your LivingSocial Shop Marketplace Shipment.

No Movement or Updates Not Showing

  • It may take 24–48 hours for tracking information to show movement.
  • Try entering the provided tracking number directly on the carrier's website.

If you’re missing an item that shows as delivered, or if the shipping window for your order has passed, see our Shipping Delays article.

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