Using a Voucher

Instructions for how to enjoy your deal will always be provided on the Voucher itself. Reading these instructions in advance of when you want to use your Voucher will help you have a smooth experience.

Here’s how to find those instructions:

  1. Head to My Vouchers on the website or mobile app.
  2. Select See Details next to the Voucher you want to use.
  3. Under "How to Use," you'll find directions specific to your deal.

Next Steps for Using Your Voucher

Using your Voucher (we sometimes call this redeeming your voucher) can simply mean presenting your Voucher printed out or pulled up on the mobile app. But some types of deals require additional steps, like booking an appointment or heading to the merchant’s website to complete your order. Your Voucher’s instructions will always specify these steps.

Here are some tips for redeeming your Voucher depending on the type of instructions you’re seeing:

  • Present your voucher upon arrival: To redeem this type of Voucher, just select View Voucher for the order and show it to the merchant. That’s it!
  • Finish your purchase on the merchant’s website: To redeem this type of Voucher, select View Voucher in My Vouchers and copy the redemption code you see on your Voucher. You’ll apply this code on the merchant’s website. For more assistance, visit Finding and Using a Redemption Code.
  • Appointment required: Your Voucher’s instructions will specify how to book your appointment or reservation. (If your deal requires you to book online through LivingSocial, find more information about Managing Your Appointment Booked on LivingSocial.)

Note: You won’t need to select View Voucher for any reason until you’re ready to use your Voucher. For some Vouchers, viewing your voucher means you’ll no longer be able to edit or cancel your purchase after that point. So if you’d like to check the instructions for use or other information about your deal, select See Details instead.

Trouble Finding Your Voucher

If you need more help finding or viewing your voucher, see Finding and Managing Vouchers in Your Account.

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