When a Deal Is Available for Purchase

All LivingSocial deals are available for a limited time. Some deals have a clock above the Buy button counting down until the deal closes:

  • If a deal says "Limited time remaining," this means the deal can sell out at any moment.
  • If the Buy button says "Not Yet Available" or "Sold Out," this means the deal is not available for purchase.             

Repurchasing a Deal

  • You can repurchase a deal by going to My Vouchers and selecting Buy It Again.
  • If the deal is still available, check the Fine Print to determine whether any restrictions will prevent you from repurchasing—for example, "Limit 1 per person" or "New clients only." For more information about restrictions found in the Fine Print, check out Common Fine Print Terms.
  • Some deals close and re-open at a later time, depending on the merchant. So if a deal you love is no longer available, keep checking back.

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