Rowing Machines: Smooth, Stationary Body Sculptors at Indianapolis Gyms

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 6, 2015
Rowing Machines: Smooth, Stationary Body Sculptors at Indianapolis Gyms

The White River flows within a mile of downtown Indianapolis. But with an average air temperature of just 53 degrees, the local climate isn’t exactly kind to your casual crewer. So in Indianapolis, gyms are the best places to get your row on. 

Rowing machines are a gym staple because they combine resistance training with cardio. Read on to learn more about this muscle-building machinery and how you can use it to transform your physique at some of the best gyms in Indianapolis.

Designed to replace a river

Rowing machines became widely used in the mid-19th century as an alternative training method for professional rowers during inclement weather. Originally built from wood and cast iron, they’ve seen advancements such as the use of hydraulics and weighted flywheels to create resistance. Some rowing machines, like the one Frank and Claire Underwood so commonly take their aggressions out on during House of Cards, encase their flywheels in water to replicate the natural feel of rowing a river.

A low-impact exercise with high reward

Rowing strokes engage as many as nine major muscle groups throughout the legs, core, and arms. You can build strength and power with short-interval training or improve stamina and cardiovascular endurance with long-interval training. It’s recommended that you generate as much force as possible with your legs and not your arms in order to avoid back strain. Rowing puts relatively little strain on the ankles, knees, and hips, provided you maintain correct posture.