Apparel Care Instructions Guide

BY: Groupon Editors |Jun 24, 2016


These are general guidelines on how to best take care of your apparel. For best results, please consult the garment's label before cleaning.

Delicate Fabrics Cleaning Instructions Drying Instructions
Any garment with any percentage of the delicate fabrics listed below should be dry-clean only
Cashmere Dry-clean ---
Satin Dry-clean ---
Leather Dry-clean ---
Lace Dry-clean ---
Silk Dry-clean ---
Velvet Dry-clean ---
Wool Dry-clean ---
Taffeta Dry-clean ---
Natural & Synthetic Fabrics Cleaning Instructions Drying Instructions
Acrylic Wash in warm delicate cycle with fabric softener Lay flat to dry or tumble dry low
Corduroy Machine washable Line dry
Cotton Machine washable Tumble dry
Nylon Machine washable Tumble dry
Linen Wash in cold delicate cycle Line dry
Polyester Machine washable Tumble dry
Rayon Machine washable Line dry
Cotton-blend (more than 50% cotton) Machine washable Tumble dry
Nylon-blend (more than 50% nylon) Machine washable Tumble dry
Polyester-blend (more than 50% polyester) Machine washable Tumble dry
Rayon-blend (more than 50% rayon) Machine washable Line dry
Instructions by Clothing Style Cleaning Instructions Drying Instructions
Items with detailing such as satin or lace trim, buckles, or corset detailing should be hand washed
Lingerie and hosiery Hand wash Line dry
Tutus Hand wash Line dry
Decorative trim (sequins and beading) Hand wash or dry-clean Line dry
Suits Dry-clean ---
Ties Dry-clean ---
Cocktail and formal dresses Dry-clean ---
Shapewear, bras, and underwear Machine washable Line dry
Towels Machine wash cold Tumble dry low

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