10 Fun, Quick Date Night Ideas For The Perpetually Busy Couple

BY: Groupon Editors |Dec 29, 2017

When life gets demanding, date night is usually the first thing to get put on the back burner. But dates don't have to be these expensive, drawn-out evenings. Under two hours is the sweet spot for a date that can be easily penciled in your planner but doesn't feel like a chore. Here are ten quick, fun date night ideas for the perpetually busy couple.

1. Book a couple's massage.

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Enjoy a relaxing, 60-minute massage with your partner. Couples massages are the perfect activity that allows you to be both together and separate. It's a more laid-back version of a date and you'll come out of it feeling rejuvenated, not more stressed.

Total amount of time: 60–80 minutes

2. Learn how to cook a professional meal.

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Two of the best things to do on date night are to eat something delicious and learn something together. Kill two birds with one stone by attending a cooking class. Learn how to make an elegant dish, and get fed for the evening. Plus, you could potentially meet other couples for future double dates. Hint: Opt for the classes that are BYOB to get your booze on and make socializing a bit easier.

Total amount of time: Around 2 hours

3. Solve a (pretend) murder in an escape room.

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Find out if all those episodes of Criminal Minds you watched pay off when you take on an escape room. See if you and your partner can beat the clock and escape your themed room. Consider yourself warned, your competitive edge will surely come out.

Total amount of time: 60 minutes or less, depending on how fast (or if) you make it out.

4. Explore a favorite museum's special exhibit

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Head to your local art, science, history museum, or aquarium to see the exhibit that everyone has been talking about. Take advantage of the fact that you're only there to see, for example, the special jellyfish exhibit at the aquarium. That way, you'll be more patient with the crowds and guilt-free when you spend all your time there, instead of running around trying to see everything available. That's for another day. For now, it's just jellyfish time.

Total amount of time: 45–90 minutes, taking lines, crowds, and parking into account

5. Putt-putt around.

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Ah, mini-golf, a true date classic. Enjoy a couple rounds of golf without the 18-hole time commitment. Between the two of you, you could probably even do best out of three if there aren't many people on the course...and if the date is going well.

Total amount of time: 45–60 minutes

6. Share an artistic medium...and some wine

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Sign up for a pottery or ceramics class at a local studio, or pair your self-expression with a glass of Pinot and attend a local BYOB paint-and-sip-class. Art classes are both productive and relaxing. Plus, you and your partner can sign up for a 4 or 6-week class so that a weekly date night is consistently on the calendar. Best case scenario, you find your calling. Worst case scenario, you now have a strangely inferior version of Starry Night you can call your own.

Total amount of time: 60–90 minutes a week or a one-time deal

7. Root for the home (or away!) team

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If you and your partner are sports fans, this is a no-brainer. Whether you're catching a basketball game, lounging at the ballpark, or checking out the local soccer club, you'll be consumed by the game...or at least the halftime/between-innings entertainment. Get some popcorn, two beers (or more), and enjoy the show.

Total amount of time: About 2 hours, including timeouts, fouls, and halftime

8. Practice your shot.

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You don't have to be a hunter or gun-owner at all to spend some time at the shooting range. Learn how to properly handle a firearm, then take aim at targets from a 25-yard range. Warning: With great power comes great responsibility.

Total amount of time: 30–90 minutes, including the mandatory safety class for beginners

9. See the sights from a kayak.

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A kayak tour is one of the great date night ideas (or date day ideas) that are both sporty and artsy. They offer an interesting vantage point to nature or a cityscape that you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to see. However, keep in mind that paddling a kayak is no joke. Ensure that you're mentally and physically prepared for some exercise. Tandem kayaks are available, but tours are typically only individual seats so skimping on paddling might not be an option.

Total amount of time: 1.5–3 hours (depending on the tour and also how fast you can paddle)

10. Stroll amidst beautiful foliage.

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There are certain places you want to go but don't need more than an hour to cover all the grounds. Botanical gardens are just that. See all the beautiful flowers and plants and enjoy the open air. Throw a nice filter on the pics you took, post one to Instagram, and you just had yourselves a quick and easy date.

Total amount of time: 40–60 minutes, depending on your local garden's size