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The Gardening Tools You Need to Grow Like a Pro

BY: Editors | Apr 19, 2019

Think you were born without a green thumb? Maybe you just need the right gardening tools!

woman working in the garden

Spring may be in the air, but this time of year, some of us are more interested in what's happening on the ground. That's where gardeners across the country are prepping for a new growing season. But if you're just getting started with your garden, you may be wondering: which gardening tools do I need?

We're here to help. See our list of essential items below, and click through the links to browse Groupon's selection of garden supplies.


Why you need them: To protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, dirt, and blisters.

Pro tip: If you're buying cloth gloves, look for models with rubber fingertips to improve grip and guard against punctures.

Shop gardening gloves here.

garden gloves

Garden Hose with Nozzle

Why you need it: Anything you plant is bound to get thirsty. Attaching a special spray nozzle ensures your plants are watered evenly and efficiently.

Pro tip: Expandable hoses automatically return to their original size when you shut the water off, meaning they take up far less space than regular hoses and are easier to coil up again.

Shop garden hoses here.

gardening hose

Loppers, Pruners & Shears

Why you need them: Pruning plants is necessary for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Removing dead growth keeps plants healthy and helps form them into pleasing shapes.

Pro tips:

  • Loppers are for removing twigs and branches from trees and shrubs. 

  • Pruners are intended for more delicate work on small plants and bushes.

  • Shears are best for labor-intensive jobs like shaping hedges or trimming grass.

Shop loppers, pruners, and shears here.

garden pruners

Hand Trowel

Why you need it: One of the most versatile of all gardening tools, the trowel is useful for breaking up earth, installing plants, transplanting, and weeding.

Pro tip: Consider an ergonomic curved handle design to reduce wrist strain and provide more leverage.

Shop hand trowels here.

garden hand trowel

Plants and Seeds

Why you need them: It's not much of a garden without plants. What you decide to grow determines not only what your garden will look like, but also how much care it requires.

Pro tip: True beginners may want to consider purchasing preseeded mats, strips of biodegradable fabric that come with flower seeds already planted inside.

Shop plants and seeds here.

garden seeds

Garden Tool Storage

Why you need it: Keeping your tools together prevents them from getting lost and makes them easier to transport.

Pro tip: A simple bag will do for some, but a rolling storage cart can provide additional benefits, such as a seat to rest on.

Shop garden tool storage here.

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