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Phone Accessories for Every Lifestyle

BY: Rory Cooper | Feb 23, 2017

woman using portable charger phone accessory

From cases to camera attachments, there’s an entire industry devoted to making your smartphone even smarter. But with so many choices, how you can find the phone accessories that are just right for you? In this guide, we lay out the most common types of complements and how they can enhance your lifestyle.

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Phone Accessories for Parents

mother daughter baking in kitchen with phone

Becoming a parent is kind of the ultimate exercise in sharing. Kids always want whatever you've got, and your phone is no exception. That means kid-proofing your stuff from getting lost or Camerabroken in small, unsteady hands.

  • Screen protectors: A thin, lightweight cover over your phone’s screen can prevent it from shattering if it gets dropped while your kids are playing a game. Upgrade to one with an oleophobic coating to shield against smudges and messy fingerprints.
  • Smart tags: These Bluetooth-enabled tags make it a cinch to find your phone when it goes missing. You can also attach them to your keys, purse, or your child’s backpack to keep track of it at the park.
  • Stands: A stand makes it easy for multiple kids to share the screen while watching a video, and it frees up your hands to multitask during dinner prep.

Phone Accessories for Commuters

commuter wearing wireless headphones

Whether you’re driving, packed onto the train, or zipping down the bike lane, the right accessories can ease some road rage and make rush hour go by just a little faster.

  • Car or bike mounts: Holding your phone in your hand isn’t really an option as you weave your way through traffic. Whether you commute on four wheels or two, a phone mount holds your device steady and allows you to check maps and control media playback without taking your eyes off the road for too long.
  • Wireless Bluetooth headphones: Music and podcasts help drown out the hordes of fellow commuters, but cords can get caught on turnstiles and backpacks. Wireless Bluetooth headphones mitigate the problem by wirelessly streaming audio from your smartphone.
  • Rapid phone charger: If you’re rushing out the door, you probably don’t have time to fully charge your phone. These super-quick chargers give batteries a quick boost, ensuring you have enough juice to make it to the office.

Phone Accessories for Road-Trippers

smartphone in car dash mount

For road warriors, it’s important to minimize distractions and keep your eyes on the road. Driver-friendly accessories keep your belongings organized and help ensure you use your device in compliance with the rules of the road.

  • Dashboard mount: Most states have outlawed handheld phone use while driving, so you don’t want to get caught holding your device on the go. A phone mount on your dash keeps your device within your line of sight, so you can check maps and notifications without endangering yourself and others.
  • USB phone charger: If you rely on GPS navigation or listen to audiobooks or podcasts while traveling, equipping your car with a USB phone charger keeps your battery topped up throughout the ride.
  • Wallet case: Although it won’t protect against major damage, a wallet phone case will protect against minor scratches and dribbles of coffee. It’ll also keep your phone alongside your cash and cards, so you won’t have to search for everything once you reach the office parking lot.

Phone Accessories for Photographers

couple using selfie stick

As fabulous as your phone’s camera is, it can’t take the best photo in every circumstance. When you need the sharpest zooms or want to take the most flattering selfies, there are some accessories that can help.

  • Lens attachment: Pocket-sized optical lenses expand the possibilities of your phone’s camera, making it possible to take in an entire landscape or shoot extremely detailed close-ups.
  • Tripod: A stable tripod allows you to take clear long-exposure photos of the night sky or capture pro-quality shots of large groups such as wedding parties.
  • Selfie stick: These telescopic go-go-gadget arm extenders hold your phone at a distance to snap more flattering self-portraits and large group photos. Bluetooth selfie sticks make it even easier by wirelessly connecting to your phone.

Phone Accessories for Adventurers

man using charging phone while hiking

Mountainous treks and sandy dunes can be punishing for both hikers and unprepared phones, but with the right gear even the most fragile devices can enhance the experience.

  • Protective cases: A phone case that prioritizes protection over aesthetics will better shield your device from bumps, drops, and the elements. For extra safeguards, look for a case with button covers and a built-in screen protector.
  • External batteries: There may be no power outlets in the great outdoors, but with portable power banks you carry electricity in your pocket, so you don’t need one to keep your phone powered up during forays away from civilization.
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers: Whether you’re huddled around a fire or catching rays at the beach, sync your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker to stream music wirelessly.

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