Quiz: Which Tablet Should I Buy?

BY: Groupon Editors |Mar 8, 2017

Woman Reading Tablet

It's not enough to ask yourself, "What tablet should I buy?" Finding the right device means asking yourself a host of other questions about how you'll be using it and which specs matter most. To simplify the process, we've boiled all that soul-searching down into a 60-second quiz that guides you right to the tablet you should be shopping for:

1: It's Sunday afternoon. What are you doing?

A) Putting the final touches on Monday's presentation.

B) On the subway, watching a film en route to a late brunch.

C) Binge-watching my favorite TV show.

D) On a flight back from an impromptu vacation.

2: When you need to relax, you're most likely to...

A) Type a long, strongly worded email that you'll never send.

B) Read a book.

C) Play video games.

D) Go travel.

3: When do you feel most free?

A) When a spreadsheet's numbers add up perfectly

B) When you're shopping on Amazon Prime

C) With a pen, brush, or stylus in my hand

D) When your load is light and your hands are free

4: Which cloud service were you assigned at birth?

A) Microsoft Office 365

B) Amazon Instant Video

C) Google Play Store

D) Apple Music

If you mostly answered "A"...

Kocaso 32gb

We recommend a Windows 10 hybrid tablet.

Splitting the difference between tablets and laptops, Windows 10 hybrid tablets pair the portability and intuitive interface of a regular tablet with a removable keyboard. The keyboard may add a little bulk, but it makes up for it by letting you hammer out emails and draft reports just as quickly and comfortably as on a full-fledged computer.

Shop Windows 10 hybrid tablets.

If you mostly answered "B"...

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

We recommend an Amazon Fire tablet.

These budget-friendly tablets are tailor-made for media consumption. They're typically small and lightweight, making them easy to hold while watching a movie or reading an ebook. And with pre-installed apps for Amazon's lineup of streaming services and media stores—Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Music, and the Kindle eBook store among them—the Fire tablet is an ideal companion to an Amazon Prime membership.

Shop Amazon Fire tablets.

If you mostly answered "C"...

Apple iPad

We recommend a larger Android or iPad Air/Pro.

If you're wondering what is the best tablet for watching movies and games, the 9.7" iPad or a similarly-sized Android tablet is a good choice. The screen is large (and sharp) enough to make binge-watching comfortable rather than squint-inducing, while also making games feel more immersive and engaging. They also pair well with wireless keyboards or keyboard cases, as the screen is large enough to serve as a de facto laptop screen.

Shop large Android and iOS tablets.

If you mostly answered "D"...

Koasco 8GB

We recommend a smaller Android or iPad Mini.

Tablets that measure 7" or less is a great choice for reading or watching movies, especially when you're traveling. Their smaller size makes them easier to slip into a tote bag than larger-screened counterparts, not to mention light enough to hold comfortably in one hand like a book.

Shop small Android and iOS tablets.

If you had a bunch of different answers...

Don't worry! Pretty much anything should work for you—click the banner below to shop for tablets and e-readers, including the best tablets for kids and for reading.