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jeanne10 years ago

Expensive only a few items have competive prices- most are more expensive

Roberta10 years ago

I thought the products were expensive and the environment sort of depressing. There are stores I much prefer being in than this one.

mary10 years ago

fun place to shop have a lot of unsusal food items

Jacquelyn10 years ago

Stock was very low when I visited- disappointing, but I still found plenty to buy!

cindi10 years ago

A good place to find a lot of natural foods, cleaners, and toiletries under one roof. But, the prices are what you'd expect to see at other heath food stores. There were only a few items that were discounted prices. What you don't get here that you will get at a local health food store is a staff that is knowledgable on supplements, raw foods. They also lacked a book selection. Square footage of store was too large for the amount of inventory they carried. Yes, it felt like a warehouse, and no, it was not warehouse prices.

Christine10 years ago

I have shopped at the Natural Food Warehouse, Crabapple and Houze Rd (Silos center) on a regular basis for over a year b/c it is in the same shopping center as my functional wellness doctor and b/c they sell many things that my husband and I diet-wise are able to eat, but lately they are always out of the things I look forward to buying there (I think they should be aware of their best sellers and keep them in stock.). When I presented my two Groupon $30 coupons, they made me use the groupons separately although I bought more than $60 worth. I found this petty and irritating and ended up having to pay out of pocket with cash b/c one order was a little over $30 and they don't take credit cards under $5. The store has put a bad taste in my mouth and I may not shop there again. Thanks for letting me vent!

Jean10 years ago

Much bigger selection than last time I was there, so I will be back for sure!

Katherine10 years ago

My only negative comment was that stock was low. I went with a list in hand of items I had purchased in the past- everything from vitamins to carob chips- and the store was either out or I bought the last one.

Donna10 years ago

Awesome store to get hard-to-find gluten free and other food sensitivity products! Very helpful and nice staff - wish it was a little closer to our house.

sommer10 years ago

I will go back! They had a great selection of all the best healthy foods and products.