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Boulder Dental Center specializes in professional oral care services, such as X-rays, fillings, implants, and teeth cleanings. When your smile needs some aid, this dental clinic can help with services like check-ups, crowns and veneers, and teeth whitening. Frequent salon-goers will appreciate the walk-in policy offered by this highly-rated establishment. So keep your smile in check at Boulder Dental Center and don't wait until it's too late.

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CLAUDIA8 years ago

Cleaning was too fast. whitening did not do a lot for my teeth.

Jocasta8 years ago

Super Friendly Staff. Lovely Office. Super satisfied with my cleaning. Would go back again!!!!!

Carolina9 years ago

I have major trust issues with the dentist. I have to say I felt incredibly comfortable with the staff and the dentist, and I received probably the most thorough exam I ever have in my life. I look forward to bringing my family to this center.

Ryan9 years ago

Very professional and welcoming staff! Although I had 7 cavities (darn!), I was still very happy with everything and how efficient the staff was.

Zachary10 years ago

gret for price

Bruce10 years ago

Very pleased with the repair to the filling done on short notice.

Nancy10 years ago

The entire was office was prompt, friendly and professional. I will go back to them.

Jean10 years ago

My son got laser whitening. He was in tears, it hurt so much. After the fact, they explained how it is especially painful with kids and first-timers.

cynthia10 years ago

I did not see that much of a difference in my teeth color and I could have gotten the same or better results with bleaching trays for a lot less money. Expensive procedure with little results.

Erin10 years ago

They were wonderful! I plan to continue using them!