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  • Black lashes are made longer and fuller with eyelash extensions.
  • White smiles are the result of teeth-whitening treatments, which brighten up to six shades.
  • Gold physiques are easily achieved via UV- and spray-tanning options.
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Brooke4 years ago

They called me they day before to ask if I could move my appointment from 11am to 9am. I agreed and showed up at 9am. The person to do my eyebrows didn’t show up until 9:35am, due to traffic. I get there was a marathon happening the next day, causing a lot of road closures, but for any job I’ve had, it’s not ab excuse to come late.

Linda4 years ago

I love this salon. It’s extremely clean and the staff is wonderful!

Maggie4 years ago

I used 1 of the 3 spray tans recently but i don't think i'm going back to use the rest. I've gotten a handful of spray tans before (a few from LA tan and 1 custom airbrush tan) and i don't think I've ever looked orange until this one. I use the medium color option every time i go and i never had any issues. The girl at the desk was super nice, but I just don't like their spray tan machine. It shoots out pretty hard, like an aerosol instead of a fine mist, so I was kinda bracing myself when it was hitting my face. And then i was expecting it to dry me off like LA tan's does (a nice warm air that dries front and back) but there was nothing, so i stood in front of the fan outside of the machine for a little bit until i felt dry enough to put my clothes back on (but i was freezing during this). And the WORST part about it, was the next morning when i was showering, i went to wash my feet and the bottoms of my feet were stained like a dark brown/orange!!!!! i was like omggggggg......never had i ever had that happen before. I used barrier cream on the tops of my feet and my hands and nails, but i never had to put it on the bottom of my feet before. So i don't know why they got stained, but be warned! put a towel on the ground or something, because i'm assuming as i was turning, the spray got on the floor and i just kept stepping into it??should've washed my feet that night but i didn't think that would happen. so yea, not my favorite spray tan that i've had. Prob wouldn't go back just because of that machine. I'm sure the rest of the salon's services are ok.

Evelin5 years ago

Great service! They did an amazing job on my eyebrows!

Abigail5 years ago

Wonderful customer service! Everyone i talked to was so friendly. They worked with me to figure out the best levels of bed and exact amount of minutes I should use each time. Highly recommend!

Kelly5 years ago

Nice place, but the quality of the product was below average for sure: more orange, drip marks, clung to knees/elbows. Prefer the versa machine to the mystic tan.

Kyle5 years ago

Great place! Great people! Great tanning service.

Christopher5 years ago

The beds are good, the location is okay, there is street parking available. The problem I had was that there was a time I went and I got there about noon and they had a sign on the door that says sorry will be back at 12:30. So I figured I'd wait and by the time 12:45 at come around no one that showed up I called a couple times no one had answered the phone. So extremely poor customer service.

Morgan5 years ago

Jess my masseuse was AMAZING!! She got the pressure just right. This was my first time getting a professional massage ever and I was so pleased!! I will be back.

Jelena5 years ago

The tanning booth was very clean and the salon looked very well kept overall. Plus there are feminine hygiene products available at each booth for use after tanning, which was very convenient!