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Debbi Fields opened her first cookie shop in 1977, launching what would soon become a household name. Today, Mrs. Fields bakers from all over the world carry on her legacy, whipping up her signature semisweet chocolate-chip cookies with the same top-secret recipe that Mrs. Fields invented. They carefully fold real butter, whole eggs, and pure vanilla into delicate, buttery batters to create soft, chewy cookies that fill nearby nostrils with irresistibly sweet aromas. Using these same ingredients and recipes, they also bake up cookie cakes that can be decorated with colorful icing and personalized messages such as birthday wishes, inside jokes, or bank-account passwords. When they’re not handcrafting milk-chocolate-chip, cinnamon-sugar, and peanut-butter cookie batters into mini, regular, or cake-size cookies, these bakers are busy making gourmet brownies with pecans and walnuts.

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Blanca6 years ago

make sure the cookies are fresh before you leave the store

Hoi7 years ago

I had the 48 mini cookies in chocolate chip, peanut butter, m&m, and raisin. All were soft and delicious. Would recommend. It's in the ogilvie train station.

christine7 years ago

Convenient, quick, and tasty

Christine7 years ago

I called ahead Staff was very nice

bee8 years ago

The clerks that helped me were wonderful.... even though my order wasnt ready when I arrived They baked them fresh for me and made sure that I was happy when I left.. They were GREAT !! I would also say that they could possibly be trainers themselves to teach others effective customer service essentials.. thank you

Sharon9 years ago

Great Service try it you will luv it if you like cookies & coffee

Fnu9 years ago

The cookies are okay but not spectacular.

Mary9 years ago

Try the brownies! They're delicious!

Rufus9 years ago

Debbie's Special is amazing!

Judy9 years ago

Tray selection was exactly as we agreed and ready in advance. Cookies were fresh and generous in size.