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Aboard SeaBreeze Charter's sailing yachts, passengers slice through Lake Michigan's waves, steered by the steady hand of a United States Coast Guard-certified captain. Also decorated with various racing awards, the captains now helm the yacht during chartered trips, and graciously hands over the wheel when instructing new sailors in the waters near Navy Pier. The vessel itself features two private cabins and a radio with an iPod connector, on which patrons can play classic maritime ballads about the difficulty of untying boating knots. In addition, an on-board life raft and a digital emergency call feature guard the boat against potential mishaps.

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Brian5 years ago

Captain Lorenzo was late, rude and dropped us off early. The only thing that saved this trip was my family and the beauty of Lake Michigan.

Krista6 years ago

This was such an incredible experience. I would request Captain Lorenzo as he is such a great captain! He practically was born sailing. He does such a great job involving any small children you have by letting them steer the boat! He is always watching and keeping everything in order but makes it seem effortless. We all were thrilled with our experience and I cannot wait to do it again.

Kerri7 years ago

had numerous occasions to charter from SeaBreeze and was an amazing experience each time.

Amber7 years ago

Definitely take advantage of it being BYOB and bring your favorite beverages and snacks

Karen7 years ago

Wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon!

danielle7 years ago

Excellent trip!

James7 years ago

These guys are great

Jackie7 years ago

It was great The captain was very friendly

Missy7 years ago

The caption was amazing, I loved it Had the best birthday ever I totally recommend this company

Kenneth7 years ago

It's an amazing experience try it