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For 23 years, Mike Lowery has tended to greenery and coaxed blossoms from flowers in the nursery of Another Place in Time. Over the years, he's learned sure-fire ways to diagnose a plant's health. That's why he visits local growers personally when he buys plants, flowers, and trees, handpicking the healthiest specimens.

Visitors to Mike's nursery can find unusual succulents, tropical blooms, and exotic houseplants to display in a window or feed to a vegetarian venus flytrap. The nursery's gift shop is filled with goods such as Texas-made candles and chimes that fill gardens with wandering melodies.

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Marissa10 years ago

Some very nice plants for the indoors. But many outdoor plants were in less than desirable condition.

Claire10 years ago

Mike knows his plants especially Houston growing conditions

Ana10 years ago

Awesome place and staff very nice and helpful :)

Barbara10 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable people. It is a pleasant place to go.

steward10 years ago

Very nice quaint place with a great selection of orchids!

Mark10 years ago

It was a nice quaint place and had some unique things, but not a very good selection. The inventory was small, but the owner did say it was the end of the year and that was the reason for the small inventory.

Chinonye10 years ago

Very knowledgeable and good customer service

Carla10 years ago

They were hesitant about helping me when I was shopping in the store. I'm use to people approaching me, not me approaching them.

Erin10 years ago

I have some empty pots I inherited when I moved into my house, and I've been meaning to put something in them. I know very little about plants, but the owners were very patient and helpful. And good news - everything I bought is still going strong.

kate10 years ago

Plants are healthy and beautiful. Some of the plants you would not find them in other nursery. Many variety of orchids. Another Place in Time is quite different from any others nursery.