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Barbara spent her childhood on her father's cotton farm, surrounded by the science and business of growing plants. And when it came time to start her own career, she pursued horticulture, and so her son Jacob enjoyed a similar upbringing. Inspired by role models such as Seattle Urban Farm Co., Barbara and Jacob decided to bring their agricultural know-how to city folk, and help them raise fresh, organic vegetables in their own homes.

Along with a small team, Barbara and Jacob transform a small portion of clients' yards and back decks into produce producers. They construct raised garden beds out of durable rough cedar planks and fill them with soil rich in organic fertilizers and nutrients to help earthworms grow into beautiful eels. They then plant a different crop in every square foot of the box, which means their three standard sizes of beds can sustain anywhere from eight to 32 different crops. They see their vegetable gardens as a long-term investment for their clients; after all, the growing season lasts all year thanks to Houston's climate.

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Amy9 years ago

Very professional and helpful.

Mitzi9 years ago

My garden looks pretty good. Still don't have corn or carrots coming up but everything else is thriving

Denise9 years ago

My garden was planted with mulch only and not with a compost blend or just plain soil. Had to restart the hold process.

Dianne9 years ago

He didn't know very much about gardening.

Tara9 years ago

Friendly service. Very pleased with our new veggie garden!

Emily9 years ago

They did a great job. We love our garden.

Dara10 years ago

I had such a pleasant experience with the staff of Urban Garden. I am excited to watch my garden grow and teach my children about sustainable living. I have told most of my friends already. Thank you all so much!

Teffany10 years ago

I'm really looking forward to seeing the growth of the vegetables and fruits that were planted!!