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With so many items to choose from, The Green Painter's excellent big box store in Houston feels more like a choose your own adventure!

Your office could be slightly more organized, and the furniture available at this store is just the way to make that happen. There's truly nothing better than a good night's sleep. Buy new bedding items from here, such as mattresses and mattress pads and covers, and get the rest and comfort you deserve. Clean up messes right when they happen with this reliable and speedy vacuum cleaner. Replace your bulky appliances with compact appliances from The Green Painter and make your home less cluttered.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can find safe parking options nearby. So stop spending a ton of money on your everyday essentials and head to The Green Painter in Houston to get more bang for your buck.

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Yen9 years ago

It would have been more beneficial and efficient to intersperse the teaching and the time we got to work on our own piece. For example, teach about how to strip and then give time to apply gel stripper so that we can wait for it while learning the next part of the lesson. Also having all supplies clean and ready to use would also help class flow. Otherwise, our instructors were knowledgable and very good teachers. We had a great time and feel better equipped to tackle our own project. Thank you Green Painter!

Karen10 years ago

Excellent class! I learned a lot about refinishing techniques. It was a great plus that the products were not toxic! I will definitely use them and their products again!

Marianne10 years ago

Very informative and helpful.

Debora10 years ago

We really enjoyed the class. The instructor gave us some very helpful tips on how to refinish the particular piece we brought in. He also gave us hands-on work to do on painting and staining, which was helpful, as well as an introduction to the use of nontoxic products for refinishing. Thanks!

Tim10 years ago

Knowledgable, polite employees. Enjoyed my experience.

Judi10 years ago

excellent experience. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about furniture refinishing. Very friendly and helpful personnel

Renee10 years ago

The young man that taught the class was knowledgeable about the products. If Green Painter is going to offer painting classes then they need a teacher or instructor not just someone that knows the products. I would like to have seen several samples and techniques on how to paint or stain the wood before I started my project. The young man would answer any question asked but it would have been nice to have some general information about our choices before we started. Loved the idea that their were only 4 people taking the class but even at that the work space was very limited.

melissa10 years ago

We really enjoyed our class!

George10 years ago

Keep up the great work.

Gabriela10 years ago

Great company! :)