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A division of David's Cookies, Annie's Euro American Bakery shops tantalize taste buds with freshly baked goods ranging from petit cakes, such as a bourbon-infused chocolate genoise, to fire-roasted apple cobblers drizzled with caramel. The chefs at Annie's Florida headquarters perfect each recipe individually, favoring natural, kosher ingredients and paying particular attention to texture.

The leaders behind Häagen-Dazs also place an emphasis on natural ingredients, sourcing produce such as fresh fruit, dutch cocoa, and vanilla beans for their ice creams, sorbets, and frozen yogurts. They use their proceeds to help preserve the sources of these ingredients through projects such as Häagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees. This particular venture protects dwindling honeybee populations so they can continue pollinating and saves the government from having to invent robot bees.

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Dario10 years ago

I love the ice cream here. The staff is pretty friendly as well. Will return in the future.

Ivana10 years ago

This place does not have seating, so it is only good for takeout.

Steven10 years ago

Limited, overpriced selection.

Catherine10 years ago

I adore Haagen Dazs, and any place that serves it. The Belgian Chocolate Chocolate ice cream is the best and is worth going a bit out if my way for. The service was good too but really, go for the ice cream!

Karen10 years ago

It is super pricey for ice cream

don10 years ago


Christin10 years ago

terrible topping selection for the ice cream

Joann10 years ago

bakery only, not much of a selection

Ben10 years ago

The cupcakes were ordered for an adult holiday party. When we picked them up, they were decorated with cartoons (Sponge Bob, Spider Man, etc). They also didn't taste very good. We threw half of them away.

Ruben10 years ago

Run of the mill ice cream store in a not so nice part of China town. No problems with the actual service. Clean shop.