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While working long hours as an investment banker, Dawn Cameron often found herself dreaming of tea—of the brightness of the mint, the calmness of the chamomile, and the crispness of the matcha green. Her world was a portrait of the high-paced New York work environment, thrumming with caffeinated coffee junkies, screaming phones, and lost carrier pigeons. Seeking respite and finding none readily available, Dawn created her own: Sanctuary T.

Surrounded by the cork-paneled walls of the tranquil, sunlit dining room, her guests perch on woven chairs and wooden stools, sipping more than 70 available varieties of tea. To ensure fresh flavors, tea gurus bag each serving by hand. When explaining this process to reporters from Metromix, Dawn explained, "there's a fullness to the [teas'] flavor. When machines process the teabag, you lose that character."

Deep in the kitchen, chefs whip up innovative dishes that pair well with well-steeped beverages including tea-infused specialty cocktails lauded by reporters from the New York Post. Behind the bar, mixologists preside over extensive beer and wine lists that earned Sanctuary T designation as a Top Beer and Wine Bar from the raconteurs at Shecky's Nightlife. Shecky's writers also heaped praise on the bar's specialty cocktails, which they referred to approvingly as both "holistic" and "trippy".

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Krystle5 years ago

Amazing food and good service!!!!

Melissa5 years ago

Great place, hip atmosphere. Have the Hulk Smash!

June5 years ago

Food was delicious and staff was friendly & knowledgeable.

Shermika5 years ago

Service was nice. Food was oily (veggies) and dark meat for a $28 chicken plate. Wouldn't go here wo a Groupon.

Catherine5 years ago

I've been to Sanctuary T before and I had a great experience. The food, service, and atmosphere were fantastic. I purchased the Groupon and took my best friend. I wasn't too thrilled with what I order. But the drinks were excellent. Also, the weather was extremely hot and no air condition.

Jessica5 years ago

Great food and fantastic service!!! Not the first time we go and it never disappoints!!!

kimberly5 years ago

Delish!!! Loved the tea infused drinks. Food was spectacular.

Adhem5 years ago

Quite pricey... good for light snacks.

James5 years ago

3.5 stars ... the music too loud. no breads before meal, place is not fancy but price is. food is not bad.

Shanell5 years ago

Good food good service! Definitely coming back!