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Countless fiber-optic cables comprise a titanic custom chandelier in Vango Lounge & Sky Bar’s main dining room, casting a glow over tufted-velvet walls and plates of Japanese continental cuisine. During a typical meal, yellowtail and grilled vegetables may top small plates of crostini, and wasabi mashed potatoes sidle up to larger entrees such as braised-beef short ribs in sweet teriyaki sauce. As chefs compose eel and avocado rolls or slice delicate pieces of salmon sushi, bartenders mix specialty cocktails, such as the Sundance with Absolut Raspberri and Godiva white-chocolate liqueur. Luxe decorations—including wall nooks that display sleek bottles of vodka and a wall that holds 200 inlaid fresh roses every night—dapple the 8,000-square-foot lounge. Upstairs on the roof deck, revelers can admire the surrounding skyline from a seat at the bar, boogie on the dance floor to nightly DJs, or secretly read comic books under the covers of king-size lounge beds.

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Michelle8 years ago

bring your id and go early if you don't want to be part of the nightclub atmosphere

Maria8 years ago

We wished we ate upstairs outside ! Very cool atmosphere ..

yalaina8 years ago

Watch the gratuity

Kimberly8 years ago

Place was nice server's pleasant but the management is poor. We made reservations my wife left her id management said we could come back but they charged us a cover after we returned even with reserve and refused to dock the bill. I would never :(

Toya8 years ago

Yr not getting the food advertise on Groupons til 7pm

shawn9 years ago

just not our thing.

Sophia9 years ago

Amazing rooftop!! Gorgeous view to look at as I lounged on a plush king sized mattress with huge pillows in beautiful weather. AMAZE CHEAP FOOD. Medit./Greek food that is delish and very affordable. Was shocked. I only went once at night time but there is much more to offer during the day. 2 thumbs up.

Christina9 years ago

The menu was different from the one I saw online. .the drinks were expensive and the service was slow.

Pei-chih9 years ago

Sunday nights are quiet if that is what you would like.

charlotte9 years ago

The sushi was good and reasonably priced. My boyfriends meal was bland looking, and not a lot of food for $18. Most things on the menu just looked boring and unappetizing. Also, all the sushi was very typical of what I can get from any takeout place. No special rolls or anything. I disliked the fact that they added on 20% tip to our bill. We tip regardless but the service deserved 18% at best.