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At Portland Spa & Boutique, a full-service salon in Portland, you will never run out beauty services or treatments to try out. This salon provides guests with quick and easy appointment booking for all beauty services. Spa services are priced in line with other neighborhood establishments. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you're in luck. This establishment accepts all major credit cards. Portland Spa & Boutique is in a prime location for street parking and parking garages. Store your bike safely at one of the main bike racks near this salon. Whether you're coming in for just the usual treatment or considering a makeover, Portland Spa & Boutique is the salon for you!

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Teaman10 years ago

Your membership pricing option is attractive and for the first time makes me consider taking advantage of it. I would love it if parking garage voucher could be arranged to ease the hassle of finding street parking or paying the $5 to park.

Jana10 years ago

The front desk person is bubbly and friendly- It was spotless- You wait in a back seating area where it's comfy and tranquil- You actually want to wait!!! But I didn't wait long-

Lani10 years ago

One of the very best massages of my life. Spectacular -- I plan to return.

Teresa10 years ago

Very friendly staff. Excellent massage by Amy. Would love to return!

Ryan10 years ago

Amy is a great masseuse.

Nina10 years ago

It was a great experience, but they are expensive.

Sabine10 years ago

Keep up the good work and nice and pleasant atmosphere, its much appreciated. :-)

Kim10 years ago

I am highly satisfied and impressed with the effectiveness of my first lazer hair removal treatment!

Ameera10 years ago

I recommend this place , you will get totally different service than any other spa

Kristin10 years ago

Amy gave a great massage!