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A façade of salmon and tawny stone ringed with palm trees beckons to passersby, hinting at the tropical dishes of shrimp, roast pork, and fried plantains contained inside. Like an edible cruise ship, the bill of fare takes diners on a culinary tour of the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, with dishes of slow-cooked shredded beef, saffron-tinged rice, marinated chicken, and sautéed fresh fish. A canopy of leafy palms surrounds private banquets or nightly dinner guests as they finish things off with a dessert of flan or guava empanadas. Next door, an international Latin marketplace invites patrons to create their own tropical feasts at home with hard-to-find grocery items from countries such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Puerto Rico.

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Eric1 year ago

Delicious home made like food - definitely going back!

leticia4 years ago

service was great, time of wait was excellent and the ambiance is excellent. I will be back to enjoy anther meal..

sheila4 years ago

the food and customer service is outstanding.

Christopher5 years ago

Great Food. Great service.

ruth6 years ago

great service and the food was fantastic as well!

Robert6 years ago

Great food and service

Bonnie6 years ago

We've been to Andres several times now, and for the most part, it's been great! Love the mashed yucca... a special side worth ordering on its own! Only downside would be the noise factor. Structurally, this is probably hard to avoid, but sound seems to resonate off the ceilings. Very pleasant staff, and most appreciated special offerings each day of the week with your meal. (Think excellent flan!)

Donna6 years ago

Went early and they were gracious and plenty of parking. As we left they were getting busy and patrons were waiting. Parking was also difficult. Go early!

James6 years ago

Wonderful food and service , very friendly !

Jorge6 years ago

Food is amazing. The location was okay. I went once to try and use my voucher and it was disappointed to find that they did not accept the voucher on a Sunday but it was disclosed. I missed out on the groupon promotional value.