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Ancient Healing Oriental Medicine Clinic supplies the best specialists in alternative medicine at their practice in Chicago. Treat your skin to a rejuvenating facial from this clinic. Keep your energy high and your stress low with a relaxing massage treatment from this clinic. With all of the services offered by a modern acupuncturist, this clinic offers solutions for your medical needs. Ancient Healing Oriental Medicine Clinic's alternative approach will have you back on your feet in no time when you're not feeling well, so keep its number handy.

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S1 month ago

If you are looking for massage purely, this is NOT the place. It is almost fault ad. She recommended acupuncture, so she didn't have to massage me for 1 hour. She put some needles on my body and left me for 20-30 mins and gave me 20 -30mins body massage, but not much pressure and techniques. I felt like she just rubbing my body with oil. So annoyed when she re-touched my face after touched my feet

timothy1 month ago

I gave this massage, and the other package with 3 massages plus acupuncture to my husband as a gift. He went to one session today. He did not receive a massage. Instead, they gave him acupuncture and then did cupping on his back. He returned with his entire back covered in large bruises and blisters. Nowhere in what I bought did it say "Cupping" was included in this gift. I am extremely disappointed that this was advertised as a massage. This has been a Horrible experience for me as a gift giver. I expected to give him a relaxing massage, not a back covered in wounds. For his first experience in acupuncture, I am wondering what this practitioner was thinking? He was on his stomach the entire time. Also, all four sessions are now marked redeemed when he only received the first one today. This had been a very poor Groupon experience.

SHAIK2 months ago

Worst place I ever been.

John2 months ago

Amazing service

Eric3 months ago

Very clean, very professional. Excellent massage.

Reina3 months ago

Initially, I was only going for a massage but ended up signing up for a package which included acupuncture, cupping, and massage. Dr. Violet is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to health concerns. She is willing to help anyone in need of guidance towards a healthier lifestyle. She is also treating my husband for a muscle tear on his right arm. Great amazing results so far. 💞💫

Matt3 months ago

Loved the experience. Can’t wait to go back!

Julian3 months ago

Dr Violetta was extremely knowledgeable and amazing. Great experience and I feel wonderful after her treatments and techniques. I'll definitely be back. Great job!

Gordaki3 months ago

Relaxing and efficient service.

Sandy3 months ago

Violette is very knowledgeable and skilled. She brings expertise in acupuncture and other techniques well beyond the massage I expected. Highly recommended.