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Post-Workout Towel Car Seat Cover

Verified Purchaser
April 12, 2019
So far I like this cover especially after doing hot yoga and gym workouts. Let's see how it holds up to washing it over a period of time.

Universal Fit Leatherette Car Seat Cover Set (9-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
January 24, 2019
Placing the covers in the front seatrs was easy, but the back bench seat was a bit more challanging and not fully installed due to split back seats and the plastic mat/cover manf. installed on the back side of the bench backs.

Modern Edge Waterproof Neoprene Seat Cover Set

Verified Purchaser
October 6, 2018
Fits my 2014 Tundra front seats just fine. Was pleased that they are snug and don’t shift with getting in or out of the vehicle. I would suggest letting them “air” out before installing due to the strong smell of rubber/neoprene that’s there when you first open the package.

Post-Workout Towel Car Seat Cover

Verified Purchaser
April 9, 2019
This is nice. It fits over the whole seat and stays put. I would definitely recommend for anyone coming back from the gym.

Pleasure Pedic Memory Foam Lumbar or Lumbar-Back Cushion

Verified Purchaser
March 22, 2019
Very comfy works great for work. I sit for 8 hours at a time.