Work on yourself, for yourself – with LivingSocial’s curated list of the best workout classes in Austin.

Austin Rock Gym: As Austin’s only dedicated rock climbing company, Austin Rock Gym is the perfect place to experience the unique challenge of bouldering and climbing. There seriously might not be a better full-body workout in all of Austin. With some of the best indoor bouldering angles in the country and frequent resets of the walls, you’ll never get bored with your options. Confused on what bouldering is? In recent years it’s become increasingly popular, but bouldering is simply free climbing (i.e. no ropes) on shorter walls than in a traditional climbing walls. Because you don’t need ropes or a partner, its an extremely accessible way to get into climbing. They also offer climbing instruction, youth programs, and outdoor climbing excursions.

Richard Lord’s Boxing Gym: Founded by local celebrity Richard Lord, this boxing gym prides itself on a winning tradition and providing boxing training for everyone in Austin. Their classes are a great way to break out of the normal gym routine because they are fun, intense, and really help you knockout your training goals. Beyond classes, they also offer affordable personal training sessions and open gym time so you can get the most out of Lord’s Gym.

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