Everyone loves pizza and in Charlotte there are a huge variety of pizzerias. So whether you’re looking for a quick slice, a family-friendly pizzeria, or a fancy Neapolitan place LivingSocial has the best pizza recommendations near you:

Hawthorne’s New York Pizza & Bar< a>: Finding authentic New York-style pizza outside of New York can be a challenge, but the multiple locations of Hawthorne’s have been serving delicious, authentic New York style pizzas since they first opened their doors in 2004. Every pizza boasts high-quality ingredients and classic technique combining in every bite. The crust is a little crisp and a little floppy, with a great flavor. The specialty pizzas have a mostly familiar set of toppings, but try the Luau. It’s combo of Pineapple, bacon, pulled pork, caramelized onions, and mozzarella might just win over those who can’t stand pineapple on pizza. Aside from the pizza, the menu features appetizers, salad, pasta, sandwiches, and dessert.

Wolfman Pizza: California-style pizza is a fusion of New York-style crust with inventive toppings. In Charlotte, a great version of this style can be found at Wolfman Pizza. Their all-natural crust is handmade and tossed, then tossed with interesting and varied toppings. Thai chicken, roasted potatoes, blackened jerk chicken, and many others are all options for your pizza. The New Mexico, for instance, features a black bean sauce, cheddar cheese, salsa fresca, and tortilla crumbles and is an odd and delightful pizza that’s probably unlike any other pie you’ve ever had. In addition to the pizza, they offer appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pasta, and desserts.

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