Improve your strength, flexibility, and peace of mind with yoga classes in Denver. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Mudra Yoga Studio: Whether you need to sweat, relax, or just go through a flow you’ll be able to find a class for you at Mudra Yoga Studio. Intimate classes foster a connection with your fellow practitioners. Plus the variety of classes includes specialized classes for expectant mothers and those suffering from injuries.

CorePower Yoga: Take care of all your aches and pains with simple and advanced stretches at Denver’s CorePower Yoga. This studio delivers an intense, physical workout rooted in traditional yoga mindfulness. Efficient, hour-long classes are the hallmark of CorePower Yoga and with convenient times and more than 170+ studio locations, CorePower offers something for everyone. If you love challenging yourself with new yoga postures, then this class is for you.

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