Improve your strength, flexibility, and peace of mind with yoga classes in Pittsburgh. Here are a couple of our favorites:

I Am Yoga: This community-minded studio specializes in Bikram-style hot yoga, 26 poses and all. The good news is that this style of yoga is suitable for everybody – even those with very little experience in yoga. And I Am Yoga has recently expanded beyond their Bikram roots to include Vinyasa, Pilates, and Yin yoga. This means even the heat-adverse will find a class that suits them.

BYS Yoga: What the BYS in BYS Yoga stands for might be a little bit of a mystery. But what’s not a mystery is the quality of the classes at this South Side studio. This studio is dedicated to offering uplifting, accessible, and cooperative Hatha and Vinyasa-based classes that will deepen your practice. Knowledgeable and kind instructors, a beautiful space, and engaging classes. What more can you want in a yoga studio?

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