Improve your strength, flexibility, and peace of mind with yoga classes in Portland. Here are a couple of our favorites:

OmBase Yoga: This accessible yoga studio is devoted to making yoga available to people of all experience and activity levels. For example, their Easy Does it classes are accessible to all ages, including seniors and those with mobility challenges. But if you are looking for something more active, Yin yoga, prenatal yoga, Hatha and Hatha Flow, and Vinyasa classes are also available. Besides drop-in classes, they also offer what they call Yoga Immersions; these series of classes last for anywhere between one and three weeks; these allow you to really deepen your practice with focused training.

Unfold Studios: The mission statement of this Portland yoga studio is to make yoga accessible to everyone. So, whether you’re coming to your first yoga class or looking for a deeper dive, you’ll find in Unfold Studios an unconditionally welcoming environment. Their drop-in classes will get you strengthening your core, improving your balance, and stretching. For specific goals their series classes can help you achieve your goals.

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