Everyone loves pizza and in St. Louis there are a huge variety of pizzerias. So whether you’re looking for a quick slice, a family-friendly pizzeria, or a fancy Neapolitan place LivingSocial has the best pizza recommendations near you:

Imo’s Pizza< a>: St. Louis has a pizza style of its own, one that’s very different distinct from Neapolitan, New York, Chicago, Detroit, or Sicilian pizza. The crust of a St. Louis-style pizza is very thin, almost cracker like, and made without yeast. The pizza is cut into squares or rectangles instead of triangles since the crust cannot be folded and a regional processed cheese called Provel is oftentimes used instead of mozzarella or provolone. Imo’s might have perfected the recipe and they’ve been serving this style of pizza since 1964 and they might have perfected the formula. The cheese is gooey and is perfectly complimented by the toppings and sweet tomato sauce. They also offer sandwiches on fresh baked bread, appetizers, salads, pasta, and desserts.

Farotto’s: Founded in 1956, Farotto’s has expanded from a small carryout shop to a full restaurant. Over the years their dedication to quality ingredients and exceptional service has never changed. The pizza is St. Louis style, but instead of regionally beloved Provel their specialty pizzas feature mozzarella. But the crispy, cracker-like crust is a perfect vehicle for fresh and tasty toppings. In addition to pizza, they offer pasta, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. The toasted ravioli is especially delicious.

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