Work on yourself, for yourself – with LivingSocial’s curated list of the best workout classes in Salt Lake City.

CrossFit New Life: CrossFit as a program is a broad, general, and all-inclusive fitness program. Constant variation, high intensity, and functional movements are the basis of every class. It’s a great way to improve your strength and conditioning, and CrossFit New Life is possibly the best CrossFit gym in Salt Lake City. With supportive and fun group classes you are going to want to go to the gym. Workouts change daily so you’ll never get bored and are universally scalable, so they are appropriate for any fitness level. Brand new to CrossFit? Well, CrossFit New Life offers a Fundamental Class that will introduce you to the right technique and forms, with one-on-one coaching to help you become comfortable enough to join the main group classes.

Gold’s Gym : Sometimes you just want a gym. And Gold’s Gym has been the gold standard since they pioneered the entire fitness industry way back in 1965. World-class personal trainers, energetic class instructors, innovative programs, and top of the line equipment – they really have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

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